Case Studies

AIoT Healthcare

Non-contact Vital Sign Monitoring

  • Develop vital sign monitoring systems using wireless sensing technologies such as mmWave radar and WiFi to monitor heart rate and respiration in real-time
  • Develop state-of-the-art embedded AI models to enable automated health condition diagnosis
  • Develop advanced user identification systems for personalized healthcare

Wearable Devices with Embedded AI

  • Design IoT enabled wearable devices to monitor personal health such as sleeping, body fat percentage, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood glucose
  • Develop smart wearable health system for personalized health management and rehabilitation
  • Develop AI based expert services to provide personal health advice

Barrier-free User Interface

  • Design user-friendly interactive systems using wearable sensors such as EEG, PPG, and IMU
  • Develop non-contact interactive systems using wireless sensing technologies such as mmWave radar, WiFi, and UWB to enable barrier-free user interaction for people with disabilities
  • Develop state-of-the-art embedded AI models to enable personalized user interface for all ages

Smart City

People Counting and Tracking

  • Design cost-effective people counting systems leveraging on public infrastructures such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G/5G
  • Track and position users in real-time based on advanced wireless sensing technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and RFID
  • Integrate cutting-edge mmWave radar and LiDAR techniques to enable millimeter-level indoor/outdoor positioning

Traffic and Parking Management

  • Develop an urban parking monitoring system in real-time for available parking spots and illegal parking detection based on LPWANs and mmWave radar
  • Develop citywide traffic monitoring systems to monitor traffic condition and detect road hazard in real-time, advising drivers with the best routes
  • Monitor driver distraction and drunk driving using mmWave radar

Safety and Building Access

  • Design an efficient edge computing system to process security data in real-time
  • Develop a user identification system to achieve robust access authentication with high accuracy
  • Develop a traceability system for epidemic prevention and control using thermal imaging and mmWave radar technologies

Critical Supply Chain

Digital Transformation Lifecycle Tracking

  • Design digital IoT solutions leveraging on LPWANs techniques such as LoRa and NB-IoT
  • Develop a traceability system for product lifecycle management based on advanced RFID techniques
  • Integrate front-end and cloud services to enable end-to-end visualization of digital supply chain and logistics management

Risk Management and Analysis

  • Build a data-driven demand analysis and prediction platform to achieve accurate market demand prediction and evaluation
  • Develop a risk prediction and control system using AIoT technologies, improving the flexibility and response capacity of supply chain
  • Design cost assessment and risk control solutions using AI-based blockchain technology

Smart Warehouse and Maintenance

  • Develop an automated asset tracking system using LoRa, RFID, mmWave radar, and drone-based technologies
  • Develop a smart item sorting system based on automated drone techniques
  • Develop an AI-based item processing platform to optimize inventory management

Public Safety

Search and Rescue

  • Design robust search and rescue solutions using advanced drone remote sensing technologies
  • Develop a data-driven decision-making system for emergency response and operation safety
  • The system enables robust and efficient onboard data processing with embedded AI techniques

Emergency Management

  • Develop an automated inspection system using hybrid drone remote sensing technologies
  • Provide reliable emergency response capability for bushfire, firefighting, earthquake, and floods
  • Integrate LoRa-based sensors on drones for fast network reconstruction in danger

Law Enforcement Monitoring

  • Develop an automated drone-based inspection system for public safety and urban management
  • Remote tracking of illegal vehicles using advanced MIMO-based positioning technology
  • Develop high-efficient machine learning algorithms to improve system efficiency with low risks

Smart Farming

Farming Monitoring

  • Build cost-effective LoRaWANs to monitor soil moisture, rainfall, water use and inventory to improve water efficiency and yield
  • Accurately monitor soil nutrients and fertility to enable smart fertilizer supply system
  • Design data-driven machine learning technology based advanced AI models to offer automated plants growth tracking and simplify farm resource management

Greenhouse Management

  • Remotely monitor the health, behaviour and location of livestock to efficient manage pasture utilization
  • Develop an automated greenhouse management system to enable plant monitoring and temperature control without human intervention
  • Design cutting-edge deep learning models to monitor atmospheric conditions in real-time for pests and diseases prevention

Product Safety and Tracking

  • Develop a product traceability system from plant to table using RFID technology
  • Develop a product test and verification system based on smart sensing techniques, enabling accurate yield estimation and conformity assessment
  • Provide the functionality for smart planting system, quality supervision and inspection for food safety