• Design of low-cost long-range wide area networks
  • Optimization for network coverage, throughput, and delay
  • Customized analytical platforms based on existing AI platforms

Embedded AI

  • Small-footprint, deep learning platform on edge or front-end devices
  • Advanced algorithms with the latest AI innovations
  • Algorithms for pruning, quantization, memory and energy saving

Wireless & Sensing

  • Customer-tailored positioning design using WiFi, Magnetic Fields, Bluetooth, RFID and UWB
  • Millimeter-level indoor positioning and vital sign monitoring leveraging on mmWave Radar
  • Computer vision and UWB based fusion solution for high-accurate indoor navigation and tracking

Drone Remote Sensing

  • Advanced sensor fusion technology using mmWave Radar, Thermal Imaging, and LiDAR for emergency search and rescue
  • Design of MIMO-based drone remote sensing systems
  • Patent-pending onboard data processing techniques for high-efficient edge computing